I got my first slr (single lens reflex) camera (Canon AE-1, since you ask) forty years ago. I am certainly no hipster today. And I wasn't a hipster when first there were hipsters! But my photograhy is far more groovy than you might expect from a middle-aged man.
  I am certainly not a famous landscape photographer (although two of my images were shortlisted for Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year 2018, urban section) and one was commended (and thus was in the exhibition and is in the book!). The image of a van on the Clydeside Expressway seen through a filthy window in January is not one that appeals to conventional photography judges, who often award me nul point.
  I might describe myself as a shy street photographer who is increasingly wary about venturing on to the mean streets of Glasgow. Well, I have been hauled off a train by Transport Police for having "intentionally photographed the feet of Scotrail passengers". I love candid portraiture and small incidents of everyday life. And that sort of photojournalism is a style of wedding photography that is increasingly appreciated by brides and grooms. I certainly prefer it to the big classic posed scenes.
  I am inspired by Martin Parr and Elliott Erwitt, famous Magnum photographers with a sense of humour. I love images that make me smile. But as an old Marxist archaeologist, I cannot help but be drawn by social and political issues, especially things with a good dose of anthropological interest. Thus I have series on tree carvings (which are mostly initials and love inscriptions), abandoned shopping trollies, the empty and derilict Pollokshaws Shopping Precinct (it has now lost its "e"), lone trees (which cry out to be anthropomorphisised), and people dressed as Santa.
  I am not a practising professional wedding photographer, but I have photographed quite a few family weddings and hope to do a few professionally in the years to come. (Those who get in quick will benefit from the usual pricing incompetence of newbies who put in twice as much effort as professionals, desperate to do things properly and terrified of disappointing the bride on her big day!)
  Mostly I am simply a keen and competent photographer. I lead a Meetup group (called the Southside Snappers) in Glasgow with almost 300 members. As ever, I am trying to do too many things at one time, from trying to organise photographic exhibitions, run my Meetup group and create its website (and it is worth visiting the website if you wish to see more of my images, especially portraits), take part in a local camera club (and thus enter images into competitions), study film making, and, well, work a bit too.
  Today (Sept. 2018) this website is live, but only just. Below are a selection of my photographs that I like (but only in landscape orientation because my website building skills are limited). I intend to organise future pages thematically. But my road is paved with good intentions....